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If you are fleeing war in Ukraine, you can access financial support from UNHCR. Details here.

Useful information about education in Romania for Ukrainian refugees

Information on how to enroll your child in an educational institution

To enroll your child in kindergarten, school, after school clasess, or if you are a student and want to continue your studies in Romania, find out the steps you need to follow the link below.

Online school from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Online School is a project created by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to continue distance and mixed learning for students in 5-11 grades.

The Ukrainian Online School provides every student and teacher from Ukraine with free access to education.

The platform includes video tutorials, tests, and self-study materials for core subjects.

Remote platforms for learning, self-development and getting help from the Ministry of Education from Ukraine

The team of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has compiled a list of useful resources for adults and children for psychological support, education and information.

Remote platforms include: an online kindergarten with video lessons for children from 3 to 6 years old, an Ukrainian online timetable for children in grades 1-11, daily meetings with certified psychologists, the Ukrainian Online School project and other educational projects for preschoolers and schoolchildren.

Free education in private schools in Romania

ASP is an Association of Private pre-university educational institutions in Romania. The Association of Private Schools offers students from Ukraine free education in more than 100 schools.

For more information send an email to or call +40723584872.

Kindergarten by Angel Appeal Romanian Foundation

Angel Appeal Romanian Foundation offers various activities for children and a kindergarten, where education is free, without pre-registration. The kindergarten is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.

You can sign up for kindergarten by calling:

  • +40723293769 Camelia Raita, address: bul. Stefan cel Mare 1.

  • +40770560741 Oana Pasalan, address: Raul Sadului alley 2.

Part-time Kindergarten by JRS Romania

The non-profit organization JRS Romania organizes a short-day kindergarten for preschool children.

The kindergarten is open from 9:00 to 11:45 in the morning, then from 12:00 to 14:45 in the afternoon and in the evening from 15:00 to 17:00. You can register a child by phone number 0744 405 657 or email:

GRAND Ukrainian school

The educational institution provides training according to the National Educational Program of Ukraine. Classes are held in Ukrainian, free of charge.

1. Primary school grade 0-4. Address: Școala Gimnazială nr. 86. Intrarea Reconstrucției 6A, București 031724, Romania.

2. Middle and high school at: Școala Gimnazială Nr. 116. Strada Gura Ialomiței 20, București 031724, Romania.

School and kindergarten from the Caritas Confederation in Romania

The school from the Caritas Confederation offers additional education for Ukrainian refugees in Romania. There children can improve their knowledge of English, Ukrainian and mathematics. The school also has a speech pathologist and a psychologist.

Caritas School does not issue a certificate of completion of education, therefore, it is necessary to pre-register in the Ukrainian education system (for long distance learning or family education) in order to receive a certificate of completion of education at the end of the school year. There is also a kindergarten for children aged 4-7 years.

Schools are available in different cities in Romania. School address in Bucharest (grades 1-8): Colegiul Romano - Catolic Sfantul losif, metro station Constantin Brancoveanu.

Kindergarten address in Bucharest: str.Andrei Saguna, 81C, sector 1.

Anaid School in Bucharest

The Anaid Association has created a program to promote the education of Ukrainian children who do not study in the form of education in Romania, but have chosen the “individual-family” method or distance learning in Ukraine.

Anaid School is not an accredited educational institution. Documents (assigned to the school) remain in Ukrainian schools.

The school is available online and offline, depending on the age of the child.