Support for Ukrainians in Romania and refugees from third countries - Dopomoha
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If you are fleeing war in Ukraine, you can access financial support from UNHCR. Details here.

Financial support

If you fled Ukraine on or after February 24, 2022 and stayed in Romania for at least 7 days, you can request cash financial assistance from UNHCR.

Offer support

Do you want to help with food, products, clothing, transportation, or you want to volunteer to help the vulnerable people coming to Romania?


If you need specialized medical assistance, you suffer from a rare or chronic condition, find out here where you can ask for help.


Do you need support in finding temporary accommodation or do you want to provide a space to help vulnerable people who are now coming to Romania. Access Un Acoperiș!


Looking for a job? Find out how and where you can find job opportunities suitable for you.


Rights to education in Romania for Ukrainians. Information on how to enroll children in school, kindergarten or extracurricular activities. Ukrainian schools in Romania.


Depending on your needs, call one of the available specialized call-centers. This way you will be granted access to resources, information and dedicated support, no matter what issues you are trying to solve.

Legal help

Pro bono legal help for Ukrainian refugees in Romania and other countries.


If you need transportation or technical assistance for your vehicle in an emergency situation find out here how you can get help.

Language courses and activities

List of free language courses and activities for Ukrainian refugees in Romania. For children and adults.

Support for drug users

If you have used drugs and now you need help, look for services that you can access.

Mental health services for refugees from Ukraine

If you need to talk openly about the trauma of war and how you can more easily manage the effects on your well-being and mental health, find out where you can get support.

Sprijin de Urgență

Do you need any resources, food, products, clothing, tents, transportation or volunteers or do you want to offer any of the above on Sprijin de Urgență?

Request or provide resources