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If you are fleeing war in Ukraine, you can access financial support from UNHCR. Details here.

Jobs for Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and UN Volunteers jointly initiated the Refugee UN Volunteer Program to enable refugees to build on their competencies and equip them economically through an income-generating opportunity.

They are recruiting Ukrainian Citizens who hold stateless, refugee or similar protective status in Romania to join United Nations Emergency Response to war in Ukraine.

Recruiting for UNHCR România:


  • Secondary school degree

  • At least 3 years of experience

  • Living in Romania

  • Fluent in Ukrainian

  • 27-80 years old

  • MS Office knowledge   

These positions come with the following benefits and allowances

  • Entry Lump Sum Allowance

  • Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA)

  • Learning Opportunities

  • Annual Leave

  • Medical and life insurance

  • Exit Lump Sum Allowance

Job search on the Jobs4Ukraine platform

Jobs4Ukraine will support people affected by the war in Ukraine to rebuild their financial stability through easy access to job opportunities abroad and remote via a free platform.

Free services offered to Ukrainian citizens for integration into the Romanian labour market

Looking for a job? Safely. Legal. For free.

The National Agency for Employment, through its territorial structures, offers several free services to Ukrainian citizens registered with the NAE.