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Integration of refugees from Ukraine to Romania

Hands Across Romania Association

The Hands Across Romania Association offers vocational integration services to Ukrainian refugees from Bucharest, organizing professional consultations, educational path discussions, vocational retraining courses and support from consultation to employment.

The HIAS Organization

The HIAS Organization offers a program of integration for refugees into the Romanian society. The project provides:

  • Romanian language courses;

  • Assistance in resume (CV) preparation;

  • Help in finding a job;

  • Courses for obtaining new professions;

  • Information sessions for Ukrainian hubs (support and integration centers).

Jobs for Ukraine

Jobs4Ukraine together with the UNHCR Romania organizes seminars that will help refugees from Ukraine find jobs in different cities of Romania.

The NESsT Refugee Employment Initiative

NESsT together with IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and the Cisco Foundation, have partnered to launch the NESsT Refugee Employment Initiative to support fifteen enterprises that work or plan to work with refugees and migrants in Poland and Romania.

The initiative will provide funding and business assistance to a group of businesses in Poland and Romania that provide long-term employment support to refugees, including vocational training, quality employment opportunities and additional comprehensive services (mental health services, language courses, assistance in obtaining work permits, childcare, laptops, etc.).

BERD - Banca Europeană pentru Reconstrucție & Dezvoltare support for SMEs

The project supports local small and medium enterprises and local entrepreneurs through business consulting and grant funding. Within the framework of the project, funds are available for Ukrainian refugees for entrepreneurship for companies founded by Ukrainians in Romania, or for Ukrainian enterprises that want to move to Romania.

Accompanying the employment of Ukrainian refugees - training, learning the language, mediation in employment.

Contacts: Alina Marchis, BERD (Cluj),, Cristina Savu, BERD (Bucharest) -

The ANAIS organization

The ANAIS organization provide assistance in the economic employment of refugees.

Youth Center of the National Youth Foundation for the Integration of Young People in Romania

The Youth Center of the National Youth Foundation (FNT) helps young Ukrainians to integrate into the Romanian community by organizing and holding various events.

For youth ages 17 to 25, Youthcentre offers expert job search assistance:

  • Setting professional goals;

  • Job search;

  • Assistance in compiling CV and Cover letter;

  • Preparing for an interview.

Address: 11 Caderea Bastiliei, Bucharest

Contacts: +40 763 661 036

Zartis offers training and suport for starting a new career in marketing

Level Up is a social initiative organized by Zartis aimed at upgrading the qualifications of refugees and asylum seekers to start a new career in marketing.

Zartis provide targeted training and help connect ambitious professionals with the employer.

How to write a resume

Learn how to better to write a resume for an effective job search (english).

HTML/CSS course for beginners

For all Ukrainian refugees who want to learn how to create web pages using HTML/CSS, the EmpowerU training program from SoftServe, created in collaboration with the National Council of Roman Refugees (CNRR), is open.

The course is intended for beginners and those who have no knowledge of HTML/CSS. The course is free and students will have access to learning resources, networking and mentoring support. All you need to have is a computer and an Internet connection.

Training programs and employment assistance from the HEKS EPER organization

The HEKS EPER organization supports educational and training programs to improve the knowledge and skills of refugees from Ukraine. HEKS EPER also helps in finding employment and acquiring a new profession.

Guide from IOM "Cultural orientation - Romania"

Cultural orientation - Romania: Useful guide from IOM

The guide Cultural Orientation - Romania, created by IOM Romania, is a useful resource for new arrivals. It contains information about culture, customs, legislation and other important aspects of life in Romania. The guide will help to effectively adapt and successfully integrate those who come to the country into the new environment.

Courses and activities for refugees from Ukraine

Find out more about language courses, as well as events and activities available to refugees from Ukraine in Romania.

Jobs for Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

Learn more about job platforms in Romania.

Events and cultural life in Romania

Animest - Bucharest International Animated Film Festival

Animest - Bucharest International Animated Film Festival is an international competition festival organized by the non-profit cultural association ANIMEST, which aims to promote cartoons and animated films from around the world in Romania, as well as assistance in the production and promotion of Romanian animated films. Website visitors can also buy a subscription and watch movies on the platform online.

Hungarian Theater in Napoca-Cluj

The Hungarian Theater of Cluj, founded in 1792, became the first Hungarian theater company in Transylvania. The Hungarian Theater of Cluj operates as a repertory theater, supported by the Romanian Ministry of Culture. Performances are presented in Hungarian, usually with subtitles in Romanian or English. The theater also hosts various master classes, initiative programs and other events, which creates a creative atmosphere for all visitors.

The National Museum of Rumanian Literature in Bucharest

The National Museum of Rumanian Literature in Bucharest preserves current literary treasures, consisting of manuscripts, ancient and rare books, historical-literary documents, special speeches and pieces of furniture, etc. lay to the Romanian writers, objects of plastic mysticism (painting, graphics, sculpture), periodicals. , photographs, audio-video recordings, which at the same time show to the museum visitors the depth and complexity of this mystical word in Romanian literature. If you don't manage to visit the museum, you can have a virtual tour here.

“Alexandru Sahia” was the documentary film studio in socialist Romania

“Alexandru Sahia” was the documentary film studio in socialist Romania. Created in the early 1950s, the studio documented the daily life and the evolution of the communist regime in accordance with the directives and boundaries established by the political regime. On the website's pages you can find films made by studios and people working in the period from 1950 to 1990.