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Access the last two solutions designed to support refugees: Law made simple helping citizens better understand their rights and obligations & PTSD Help - your free assistant for managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

In times of crisis, it is crucial that the necessary resources reach those that are most in need in the simplest and most efficient way. The people who are now displaced by a terrifying conflict need all the support that Romania can offer. But one thing they need before anything else is reliable, timely and straightforward information in response to all the questions and worries they might have about safely entering Romania and navigating the reality of a new country.

Dopomoha (Help) is a web support and information platform for migrants fleeing the war in Ukraine. On this platform they will find information on the entry requirements at the border, the procedure for seeking asylum in Romania, their rights and obligations as asylum seekers and useful resources for their stay in Romania. Dopomoha is available in Romanian, Ukrainian, English and Russian and can be accessed through a browser from any device. 

This platform will be updated regularly with verified information from official sources, for all the displaced migrants in Romania.

Dopomoha is a project created by Code for Romania in partnership with the Department for Emergency Situations(DSU), The UN Refugee Agency, International Organization for Migration (OIM) and the National Romanian Council for Refugees (CNRR). Code for Romania War Task Force is supported by ING Bank.

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