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If you are fleeing war in Ukraine, you can access financial support from UNHCR. Details here.

Share the content where it is most needed

Download the poster here, print it and display it in crowded places that are visible to people - storefronts, apartment buildings, etc.

Download the flyer from here, it contains the general information from DOPOMOHA.RO. You can share them wherever you go, in stores, means of transport, parks etc.

See the guide with common expressions in Romanian, translated into English and Ukrainian.

Click here for the phrase book

Sprijin de Urgență

Do you need any resources, food, products, clothing, tents, transportation or volunteers or do you want to offer any of the above on Sprijin de Urgență?

Request or provide resources

Un Acoperiș

Do you need support in finding temporary accommodation or do you want to provide a space to help vulnerable people who are now coming to Romania. Access Un Acoperiș!

Search or offer accommodation