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Access the last two solutions designed to support refugees: Law made simple helping citizens better understand their rights and obligations & PTSD Coach Psychological Help - your free assistant for managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Pro bono legal help for Ukrainian refugees in Romania and other countries.

Lawyers for refugees

A campaign by the National Association of the Romanian Bars of free legal and humanitarian assistance for the Ukrainian refugees.


Are you an Ukrainian refugee seeking legal help of any kind?

Are you a lawyer willing to offer support to Ukrainian refugees?

They will match you!


ACTEDO provides legal assistance to refugees for problems such as obtaining refugee status or for resolving various civil or administrative legal issues that they will encounter during their stay in Romania.

Phone list of lawyers from UNHCR who help refugees

UNHCR has compiled a list of phone numbers for lawyers helping refugees. To view the list, scan the QR code.

All lawyers speak Romanian.