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Enrolment of Ukrainian children in Romanian public schools 

The World Bank team offers support with the enrolment of Ukrainian children in Romanian public schools at an education desk at RomExpo.

Two Ukrainian speaking persons at the education desk, in the Romexpo UNHCR hub, provide detailed in-person information on enrolment in Romanian public schools and also, enrolling those willing, on the spot, from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5 pm. 

They are providing support with filling in of the official enrolment form: 


People can either enroll for preschool level (kindergarten), secondary level or high school level. They do not enroll on behalf of universities, but the team can provide information on that procedure.

Ukrainian children have the opportunity to enroll as audients or just for extracurricular activities (offered by the Children’s Palace and Children’s Clubs).

The team at the desk follows closely the instructions of the Bucharest School Inspectorate and forwards to them all the application forms. Then, the Inspectorate follows up with the applications, according to the official procedure. They also provide support with applications forms of Ukrainian people living in any other city/region of Romania and forward those to the relevant inspectorates. 

The same support is provided online, within the same schedule. To register for an online session, Ukrainian people can send a text on Whatsapp +40 720 668 481 and book a time schedule.