Medical assistance for refugees from Ukraine in Romania - Dopomoha
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Medical assistance for refugees from Ukraine

Eligibility for health care and other useful information

The right to receive medical care for refugees from Ukraine. As well as useful information about health, vaccination, assistance to HIV-infected people and more.

Family doctor and a basic package of services

How to use the services of a family doctor, information for patients with chronic diseases, preventive services and home consultations. All information about the basic package of services.

Laboratory analyzes and imaging investigations

Rules for conducting medical examinations and rules for servicing patients in laboratories.

List of free laboratories for refugees.

Specialist consultation

The basic package of services provided by a narrow specialist. Where and how to get medical advice.

Hospitalization services in public and private institutions

Conditions for the provision of hospitalization services in public and private health care institutions. List of diseases requiring hospitalization. Who pays for the treatment.

Dentistry in Romania: basic dental medicine package

Dentist consultation and treatment. A complete list of dental services. The cost of treatment for all categories of patients.

Medical recovery, physical medicine and rehabilitation services

Physical medicine and rehabilitation services provided on an outpatient basis in health resorts. List of procedures and duration of treatment.

Medical recovery in hospitals, sanatoriums

Recuperare medicală prin tratament în spital, sanatorii. Servicii medicale în medicină fizică și reabilitare.

Medical consultations at home and self-medical transportation

Medical consultations at home and self-medical transportation in addition to the services provided in the minimum package.

Medicines reimbursed by the Health Fund

Which doctor can prescribe a compensated medicine. Medicines covered by the Health Fund - compensation lists.

Medical devices

Medical devices and the procedure for obtaining. List of the basic package of medical products.

Information for patients with Covid-19

Provision of medical services for patients with Covid-19. Free treatment for insured, uninsured and other people in Romania.

Medical services for pregnant women

Primary care, observation of the normal course of pregnancy and supervision of high-risk pregnancies.

National curative health programs

National Health Program package: how to get treatment and a list of programs.

Get help at a Women's center

Assistance in accessing reproductive health services (contraception, breastfeeding, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy monitoring, abortions, etc.), services intended for victims of domestic violence.