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Scheduling an appointment to register for Cash assistance by UNHCR

Vulnerable refugees who are meeting the eligibility criteria and have not been previously registered with UNHCR Romania or the status of their case has been Inactive, can request an appointment by using the form.

The appointment is the first step to enroll in the cash assistance programme.

You will receive a text message to your mobile phone within a maximum of 15 days indicating the date, time, and location of your appointment. Please show the received appointment through text message at the reception of the enrollment center.

Please read the eligibility criteria provided on the form before scheduling an appointment.

Information about UNHCR’s Cash Programme in Romania

  • UNHCR is providing cash assistance for four months to meet expenses of eligible Ukrainians and third-country nationals displaced, due to the ongoing conflict. 

  • Enrolment for financial cash assistance is separate from the registration for temporary protection conducted by the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

  • UNHCR does not conduct refugee registration for temporary protection or refugee status determination in Romania, as these fall under the responsibility of the Romanian Government. UNHCR highly encourages accessing the temporary protection status offered by Romanian authorities. Information by the General Directorate for Immigration to access this status can be found here.

  • Eligible recipients will receive 630 RON per person.

  • Financial cash assistance is provided for four months for everyone found to be eligible for the programme.

Vulnerable refugees who benefitted from one of UNHCR’s previous cash assistance programmes and refugees who have requested an appointment through the appointment link will be notified through phone call and/or SMS to visit the nearest UNHCR enrolment center for an assessment to determine eligibility for the new cash programme. This assessment will be more detailed through a series of questions and different from the one you underwent in past UNHCR cash assistance programmes. Not everyone who is interviewed will be found eligible for cash assistance. You will be notified via SMS within 5 working days whether you have been included in this programme or not.

Please note that you cannot approach the enrolment centers to request an assessment, but you will need to wait for UNHCR to contact you. Not all individuals who are enrolled with UNHCR will be automatically called for an appointment.  

As of 1st September, the programme is available to accommodate new arrivals of persons from Ukraine in Romania and other persons from Ukraine who were not previously enrolled with UNHCR who meet the above eligibility criteria.   

If you have changed your SIM card, lost your SIM card, or have other problems with your number, you may contact UNHCR at 021 201 7873/+40 723 653651 for counselling.
UNHCR staff will will call you for the appointment date and time, and location of Enrolment Center in order to update your phone number.  

  • Bucharest: At pavilion G5 ROMEXPO - Marasti Boulevard, 65-67. Phone number: +40724445293 / +40724745515.

  • Brasov: Strada Bogdan Petriceiu Hasdeu, no 13. Phone number: +40753393208.

  • Galati: Movilei Street, 2-8. Phone number: +40724445274.

  • Iasi: Sos. Nationala, no 55-59, Mercury Apartments, flats 1-2. Phone number: 0724445376.

  • Suceava: Mihail Sadoveanu Street, 9A. Phone number:+40730295548.

Open 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Closed on weekends.

Please note that you will only be interviewed for UNHCR’s new cash assistance program if you have been invited to an appointment at one of UNHCR’s enrolment centres.     

All family members need to be present in the enrolment center and for each family member, you should bring any of the following documents for  identification if available:

o   International passport;

o   any document showing your Ukrainian Tax number;

o   Temporary Protection Permit for Romania;

o   Internal passport;

o   National identity card;

o   Birth certificate for children under 18 years old;

o   Marriage certificate;

o   Medical documents confirming disability or specific medical conditions;

o   if any of the above is not available, bring any other document that can prove the identity of each family member and relationship of the family members.

  • You may show documents that are not available physically through the DIAA mobile application

  • You should also bring any document that proves your date of entry into Romania.

  • Please remember to bring an active Romanian or Ukrainian mobile phone number. You cannot share phone numbers between different families.

  • You may enroll using your Ukrainian phone number however, the mobile number must be active in roaming. Ukrainian phone numbers that are not active in roaming, will not receive SMS confirmations for appointments nor SMS cash assistance pick-up codes. 

  • Children under 18 years of age who are in Romania without parents or family members and do not have anyone to accompany them for enrolment, should contact their social worker or legal representative, or contact UNHCR at 021 201 7873/+40 723 653651 for counselling.

You need to physically visit the nearest UNHCR enrolment center to update your records and phone number.

In case of a change in your family composition, all family members need to be physically present in one of the nearest UNHCR enrolment centers to update your details and all supporting documentation in the UNHCR database. When in doubt, you may contact UNHCR at 021 201 7873/+40 723 653651 for more information. 

·         Enrolling your fingerprints helps to protect your unique access to financial cash assistance and guard against fraud. This is because it is very difficult for someone else to copy your fingerprints and pretend to be you.

·         UNHCR is not collecting your fingerprints as part of any refugee registration or status determination. It is only for humanitarian assistance purposes.

·         All of your information, including your fingerprints, will be stored in a secure UNHCR database. UNHCR will not share your fingerprints or that of your family members with any other organization or institution.

You need to provide UNHCR staff in the enrolment centers the banking details (IBAN number, and date of when account has been opened).
You may request your bank to provide you with remittance form/details of your account, so that UNHCR can send you cash assistanceshould you be found to be eligible for it.

At this time, the bank details are required for Romanian bank accounts while bank accounts from Ukraine or other countries cannot be considered.  

If you are currently enrolled for multipurpose cash assistance or any other cash/voucher assistance in Romania or with UNHCR in another country with at least transfer value of 500 RON per month per person or more for the period of two or three months, you are not eligible for this programme.

Please visit the nearest UNHCR enrolment center so that UNHCR staff can support you to reprint your Proof of Enrolment document.Please ensure to have your passport with you when visiting UNHCR enrolment centers. 

  • The documentary requirements for MoneyGram are UNHCR Proof of Enrolment, your passport/identity document containing your photo and your pick-up code for collecting your assistance from MoneyGram. 

  • The documentary requirements for Smith&Smith are UNHCR Proof of Enrolment, your passport/identity document containing your photo and your pick-up code/SMS message received from UNHCR for collecting your assistance from Smith&Smith. 

  • The documentary requirements for Romanian banks are: owning a bank account/account number and identity document with your photo, such as passport, to cash out your assistance from the counter. Should you choose to withdraw your assistance from an ATM, you need to have your debit/bank smart card.  

Note: It will be beneficial for refugees to carry the UNHCR Proof of Enrolment to pick up the assistance from a Financial Service Provider. The document eases the verification process.  

From the time you have received the SMS with your MoneyGram pickup code, you have a total of 20 days to go to any MoneyGrambranch and retrieve the cash.
If are you eligible for the assistance, you will receive the cash in local currency (Romanian LEI). 

The enrollment for the cash for protection programme will be active until 31 October 2023


If you encounter any problems in the process or if you don't receive an SMS code, please use one of the contacts below: