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Conditions of the new program

People hosting citizens arriving from the armed conflict zone in Ukraine received monthly cash payments for: housing (50 lei per person per day) and meals (20 lei per person per day).

As of May 1, 2023 the support program dedicated to Ukrainians living in Romania has been changed.

The new financial aid will be given until June 30, 2024 and will be granted as follows:

  • For the first 4 consecutive months:

    • 2000 lei monthly per family for accommodation expenses;

    • 750 lei monthly per single person for accommodation expenses;

    • 600 lei monthly per person for food costs.

  • Starting the 5 month until June 30, 2024:

    • 2000 lei monthly per family for accommodation expenses;

    • 750 lei monthly per single person for accommodation.

Information required for the accommodation, food and integration support program

For the first month, the only condition imposed is to be a beneficiary of temporary protection and to register with the local authority of residence (city hall) in the Program by presenting the CNP (personal numerical code) personally and of all family members. You must also present an account statement (bank in Romania, in RON - only one account per family).

For the next 3 months, in order to receive the financial aid, you and your family members need to:

  • be legally registered as employees with a working contract under the Romanian rules or be registered in the unemployment insurance system at the Regional Employment Agency; This condition does not apply to:

    • students legally registered in a Romanian university;

    • handicapped persons who have documents issued by the Romanian authorities; Information on how to register for a certificate of disability at the link;

    • people older than 65 years;

    • people who take care of kids no older than 2 years or no older than 3 years for handicapped kids.

  • have your minor kids registered in the Romanian educational system or have your minor kids registered in different educational activities organised by NGOs.

Starting with the 5th month until June 30, 2024, in order to receive the financial aid, you and your family members need to:

  1. Be legally registered as employees with a working contract under the Romanian rules; or to fulfil one of the conditions below:

    • Proof of income earned in Romania;

    • Individual employment contract in Romania;

    • Proof of income from economic activity undertaken in Romania from the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) acquired by applying for an Income Statement (or through the Virtual Private Space – Individuals (SPV-PF) on the ANAF website);

    • Proof of attendance of a form of higher education accredited in Romania: certificate issued by the faculty secretariat;

    • Certificate of disability. This must be issued by the Romanian Commission for the Evaluation of Adults with Disabilities;

    • Proof that the person is raising or caring for a child. This condition applies to children up to 2 years old and 3 years old in the case of a disabled child (disability certificate issued in Romania);

    • For adults over the age of 65 years old - age will be verified by CNP from the residence permit for beneficiaries of temporary protection, including through the information system used by the local authorities.

  2. Have your minor children registered in the Romanian educational system or have them registered in different educational activities organised by NGOs.

The term family refers to the group of persons formed out of spouses, parent/parents and/or their minor kids or the person who takes care of one or more minor kids (but not their parent).

Documents submission

In order to receive financial assistance in the first 4 months, you need to submit an application for financial assistance, temporary protection for all members of your family and a bank statement from a Romanian bank account opened in the name of the person requesting aid.

Document for receiving payments starting from the 5th month. Read the terms and conditions of the program above.

When should I apply for payments?

Only in the first 5 working days of the program month.

Detailed information on the possibility of submitting an application should be clarified by following the links to the official website of each of the sectors:

Information for other cities in Romania

Detailed information on the possibility of submitting an application should be clarified by following the links to the official website of several cities in Romania:

Accommodation in refugee centers

The Save the Children Center from Gara de Nord provides assistance in placing refugees from Ukraine in Romania.

Contacts: +40 754 564 164

Opening hours: weekdays: 8:30 - 17:30. Weekends: 10:00 - 20:00

Types of accommodation

Application Annex no. 1 (if you live in an accommodation center, choose 'I am accommodated in temporary accommodation and humanitarian assistance camps: □ yes'). Specify the full name and CNPs of the family members. In case of allocation, the amount will be settled to the accommodation center for accommodation and food, not to the persons staying.

Complete the application from Annex no. 6. Specify the month for which you want to be assigned, as well as the full name and CNPs of the family members. In case of reallocation, the amount will be settled to the accommodation center for accommodation and food, not to the person/persons staying.

If you are a Ukrainian/foreign citizen receiving temporary protection and you are experiencing difficulties in submitting your application:

  • Ask for the help of Romanian / English speakers near you to translate your problem to the representative of the town hall.

  • If you have problems, get in touch with an NGO that has Ukrainian-Russian-Romanian speakers.

  • If you have problems, contact a call center that has Ukrainian-Russian-Romanian speakers.

For additional details, you can call 021.3456789 – government call center between 08:00 and 16:00.

UNHCR Romania: +40 723 653 651

CNRR: +40 730 073 170

If you are an owner/host hosting Ukrainian citizens, foreign citizens, or stateless persons (beneficiaries of temporary protection) from Ukraine:

  • Inform the hosted persons about the changes in GEO 15/2022;

  • If you charge rent, we recommend that you register a rental agreement with the tax authorities, as required by current legislation;

  • Please explain to them, including in writing, the terms of the contract in a language the tenant understands;

  • In the situation where you charge guarantees for possible damages and / or non-compliance with the terms of the contract regarding the terms of rent payment, please stipulate this aspect in the contract.

Assistance in finding housing

If you need help finding free accommodation, use the platform Un Acoperiș (A Roof):

The central authorities, together with international organizations, will centrally coordinate requests for assistance and all available accommodation, and will provide you with accommodation according to your needs.

Access the platform

Clarifications for the implementation of the new support program for accommodation and integration from Emergency Department

Applications are only submitted in physical format by the applicants, to the local public administration authority of the city within which they choose to live.

Applications can be signed and submitted only in the original version, in Romanian.

I delayed submitting the application for allocation to accommodation centers (Addendum no. 6) for the following month until the 20th of the current month, together with the supporting documents for meeting the conditions for the following month. Am I no longer eligible for the center assignment?

Yes, you are no longer eligible for accommodation in the following month if you have not applied by the 20th of the current month. However, you can apply in the first 5 working days of the following month for the grant of the lump sum (for accommodation and food), if you and your family meet the conditions of HG 368/2023. Moreover, in the month in which you applied for the lump sum, you can submit the application until the 20th, to be accommodated in a center the following month.

If you meet the conditions (employment, enrollment and participation of minors in school lessons, etc.), the submitted application will be processed later without your presence.

If additional clarifications or supporting documents are needed, your physical presence at the local authorities may be requested. In order to benefit from the financial support in the following months, you must submit the applications in physical format for months 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

No, applications can only be submitted by the applicant, who is an adult representative of the family or, as the case may be, by the adult single personю

No, the application is submitted physically only by an applicant - senior representative of the family, but the documents for each family member must be attached (residence permits, proof of employment or proof of income, proof of enrollment in education, disability certificate, etc.).

Yes, the family structure can be changed from the second month, by omitting or adding an adult member.

Does the person who applies also for an unaccompanied minor (or more, as the case may be) in their care, must bring any supporting document that proves the connection with that minor?

If you wish to apply for the lump sum as a companion of the minor(s) in question, you must be designated as his/her companion for the duration of the temporary protection by the Romanian authorities. You can be designated as a companion (for the duration of temporary protection) of the minor(s) in question by requesting this at the nearest IGI office, which will refer the case to the DGASPC for registration. These institutions have the power to request supporting documents (powers of attorney, court decisions, etc.) for designation.

After confirmation of the designation, you can submit the application for the lump sum or the distribution in locations established by the authorities for you and the accompanied minor/s.


The first month starts from the moment the application is submitted, without the previously mentioned requirements. From this moment, the 4 consecutive months in which the financial support mechanism can be applied (until the end of the year at the most) take place.

If I did not submit the application / did not meet the conditions in one of the months of the support program, can I still submit the application, subject to the fulfillment of the conditions, in the following month/months in order to receive the lump sum corresponding to that month/those months or to be assigned to centers of accommodation?

Yes, you can submit another application for receiving the lump sum or for distribution in accommodation centers in the following months, if you meet (together with your family members) the conditions stipulated by art. 3, paragraph (2) from HG 368/2023. You will not be able to benefit from the lump sum or accommodation in the centers in the month/months for which you did not apply or in which you did not meet the conditions.

Do they both have to meet the criteria in order to receive the financial support?

No. Both family members (mother, child) must meet the conditions of article 3, paragraph 2. 

What proof can I attach to the application in order to benefit from the lump sum of the second month?

If there have been written rejection decisions on the grounds of lack of places, we recommend that you attach these decisions to the application to show the reason.

Yes, but you can ask schools to specify in the issued certificate that the school year 2023-2024 lasts until August 31, 2024, so that you do not have to go to school every summer month to obtain this certificate. In the same way, the length of the school year can be indicated for audiences enrolled in the 2024-2025 school year.


Yes, you can apply as a beneficiary of temporary protection, regardless of your country of origin.

No, but you can benefit, within the IGI integration program, from non-refundable financial aid and accommodation, upon request, in IGI centers for the period in which you are enrolled in the integration program (up to 12 months). To benefit from this service you will have to pay a monthly contribution representing the cost of utilities. Vulnerable persons are exempted from the payment of utilities, according to the provisions of OG 44/2004.

After completing the program, you can request financial support to pay for accommodation outside the center, by paying up to 50% of the accommodation costs, for a maximum period of one year.

For emergency help, contact the General Directorates for Social Assistance and Child Protection or the Social Assistance Directorate of the town hall where you are located, as well as non-governmental organizations that can offer targeted help.


Only "people following a form of higher education accredited up to date in Romania" are exempted from the condition of being employed, inter alia. - art. 3 paragraph (3) li. A) from GD.

Recommendation: Adults attending an online university in Ukraine should start working in Romania, so that they can benefit from the lump sum from months 2-4, 5+.

Can I benefit from lump sums?

Yes, as a single person.  

You can request a certificate from the employer attesting your employee status.

The Territorial Labor Inspectorate (ITM) can tell you based on a request from you whether or not you appear in their records. You can find the nearest ITM here:

In addition to the certificate, it is necessary for the respective institution to inform in writing the School Inspectorate within whose jurisdiction it is located and to ensure that the name of the organization will be mentioned on the Inspectorate's website, in order to be verified by the managers of the administrative units involved in the decision-making process of awarding the lump sums.

The County School Inspectorate (ISJ) in the county where you live will publish on its website a list of organizations and institutions that organize educational activities.

To be assigned/accommodated in the second month, the person must submit the application for assignment by the 20th of the first month,  in order to receive the help for the second month ( when they will be accommodated), accompanied by the documents related to the second month.

In this case, the person will receive money for accommodation in the center where he/she was assigned only until the end of the month. For the second month for which he/she is requesting accommodation, this person’s allocation request will not be accepted after the 20th of the first month. However, this person can request (in the first 5 working days of the second month) the granting of the lump sum, if he/she meets the conditions related to the 2nd month. Afterwards, they could submit an application for accommodation for the 3rd month (the application, with the relevant documents to meet the conditions, must be submitted by the 20th of the 2nd month, in the given case).

Other questions about the program

Unmarried relatives living at the same address are not considered families and may apply for assistance separately, as individuals.

On the basis of the law, a family is considered to be: spouses (married), parent(s) and minor children, a person caring for a minor child (children). - Link to source.

On the basis of the law, a family is considered to be: spouses (married), parent(s) and minor children, a person caring for a minor child (children). - Link to source.

A family member who has temporary protection in Romania and resides in the territory of the country, but has a work contract in another country, cannot count on payments under the program. The employee must be officially registered under an employment contract in accordance with the Romanian rules.

For the first registration (on a lump-sum basis), beneficiaries need only to provide a temporary protection document and a bank statement. Residence documents are not needed.

If the landlord refuses to give you the program payment you need to receive, you can contact the police in your city or ask for the support of one of the local organizations that help people from Ukraine.

People caring for persons with disabilities need to be registered as personal assistants with the city hall (primarie) where they reside. The City Hall will oficially be their employer. In other cases, they do not qualify as being employed.

Example of conditions that need to be fulfilled + documents that need to be provided, see here (in Romanian).