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If you are fleeing war in Ukraine, you can access financial support from UNHCR. Details here.

The 50/20 program

Romania accepts refugees from Ukraine under a simplified procedure. Six centres are open and operating in the country, where upon arrival in Romania, refugees will be able to find free housing. The centres are located in the cities of Timis, Suceava, Tulcea, Maramures, and in the capital - Bucharest. Accommodation and meals in the centres are free.
In addition, the 50/20 program is officially operating in Romania, which is aimed at finding housing on long-term.

Within the framework of the state program, persons receiving citizens who arrived from the zone of armed conflict in Ukraine receive monthly cash payments from the budget:
- housing - 50 lei per person per day,
- meals - 20 lei per person per day.

Decree 15/2022 Article 1 point 10

� Payments are received by the owner or a person who has the right to use the residential premises.

� Temporary protection status or refugee status is not a requirement. All Ukrainians who arrived in the country in search of asylum can use the program, regardless of their residence status.

� Receiving procedure: The application is submitted by the owner of the premises or a person entitled to use it. The appeal is submitted at the beginning of the month for the previous month

The application in Bucharest should be submitted to the administration of the sector where the housing is located.

The application can be submitted in two ways: by e-mail or directly at one of the offices. Detailed information on the possibility of submitting an application online and office contacts should be clarified by following the links to the official website of each of the sectors:

Information about the required documents can also be found on the official website of each sector. Payments are issued to the working bank account of the applicant. After submitting an application, social services may come to the tenants to verify the authenticity of the residency.