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Access the last two solutions designed to support refugees: Law made simple helping citizens better understand their rights and obligations & PTSD Help - your free assistant for managing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Train info:

Here you can find out train routes and timetables for passenger trains between main cities in Romania, with data directly from the largest railway operators: CFR Călători, Transferoviar Călători, Regio Călători, Interregional Călători and Astra Trans Carpatic. You can also buy tickets: International train tickets (

Take care on overnight trains, shutting the door of your sleeper compartment as securely as you can (there are no locks) and keeping valuable possessions close at hand.

Bus/maxi taxi info:

Here you can find out routes and timetables for buses and minibuses/maxitaxi between main cities in Romania, with data directly from the largest operators. You can also buy tickets.


We recommend not hailing a cab, but using apps like Free Now, Uber or Bolt to take a ride. These services are covering all the major cities in Romania. All the apps are available in English. 

Rescue 4x4 / 4x4 Volunteer Rescue Association

Rescue 4x4 is a free public rescue service of recovery and intervention in special emergency situations - Request help

Travelers with disabilities

Getting around is a major problem, as public transport is often inaccessible and cars with hand controls are not available from rental companies.

Opening hours

With the exception of shopping malls, which are usually open 9am to 10pm, shops are generally open from 9 or 10am to 6 or 8pm on weekdays, with department stores and some food stores opening from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and from 8.30am to 1pm on Sunday. If you’re trying to sort out flights, visas or car rental, be aware that many offices are closed by 4pm.

Below are the legal public holidays for 2023 in Romania:

January 1, January 2 - New Year
January 24 - Day of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities
April 22 - Good Friday
April 24-25 - Orthodox Easter
May 1 - Labor Day
June 1st, Children's day
June 12 (Sunday) - Orthodox Pentecost
June 13 (Monday) - The day after the Orthodox Pentecost
August 15 - Assumption
November 30 - Saint Andrew
December 1 - Romania's National Day
December 25, December 26 - Christmas

If these holidays are celebrated during the week, the Governemnt offers a day off.


No vaccinations are required for Romania.

All towns and most villages have a pharmacy (farmacie), where the staff – in the big towns at least – may understand English, French or German. Pharmacies are typically open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm, though all cities and most towns should have at least one that’s open 24 hours – failing that, dial the emergency number displayed in the pharmacy window.

There are clinics that support people in vulnerable situations or who need emergency medical care, such as: Regina Maria (offers free medical services for Ukrainian citizens, in all polyclinics and partner centers across the country), Medicover (supports the Ukrainian refugee mothers with free pediatric consultations and pregnancy monitoring - see clinics here). In order to access the medical services you need as quickly and easily as possible, Medicover provides a unique number from which refugee women in Ukraine can obtain information: +4021 796 7391 (answered by a Ukrainian-speaking operator and five English speakers operators).

Ukrainian children suffering from cancer (oncology and blood diseases) can be directed to the national cancer treatment centers through the platform jointly developed by the Dăruiește Aripi Association and the Romanian Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Society. You can fill out the form on the site, contact the organizers directly at, or call +40724024229 (every day between 8:00 și 20:00).

Those who come from Ukraine and need HIV treatment or services can contact Sens Positiv on Facebook, on Instagram @ or by phone at 0744.682.225. Together with their partners from Rise OUT, Iași, Identity.Education, Timișoara and PRIDE Romania, Cluj, they will also refer and accompany them to the HIV Focal Points created by authorities for refugees coming from Ukraine.

In collaboration with EURORDIS - Rare Diseases Europe:, the National Alliance for Rare Diseases Romania: can provide support and guidance to refugees arriving in Romania and suffering from rare diseases. At the NoRo center in Zalău we also offer free therapy for children from Ukraine who need our services. Contact: Dorica Dan - +40726248707, 0260610033; Ukrainian language : Svetleska Yulia, +40746347589. - NoRo Center,



The main mobile phone providers in Romania are Orange, Telekom and Vodafone. If staying for any length of time you might as well buy a local SIM card from any of these providers (typically costing €5), which you can then top up by voucher, available from phone shops or street kiosks. All mobile numbers are designated by a phone code beginning with 07. The country code is +40. Calling a mobile from within Romania, you must dial all the numbers; calling from abroad, you need to drop the “0”. 


Wi-fi is widespread and invariably excellent. 


The Romanian leu (RON) is the currency of Romania. 1 RON = 0.20 EUR. Each leu is divided into 100 bani. When you're buying currency for Romania, look out for the currency code RON.

At BCR (Romanian Commercial Bank) you can exchange UAH-RON (hryvnia-lei), at the BNR exchange rate, up to 1,000 lei per person/Ukrainian passport. The offer is valid only for people with Ukrainian passports. At the border areas there are 11 BCR branches ready to cover the need for additional cash 24/7. If you need assistance in financial-banking services, call the special telephone number dedicated to the citizens of Ukraine - 0373514244 or write them at Important information: 0 lei BCR costs for transactions made at POS and ATM with cards issued in Ukraine; 0 lei commission for opening and administering a current account; 0 fees for inter and intra bank payments.

Useful contacts

112 Emergency Number

112 is the single emergency telephone number, available nationwide, that can be called from all public telephone networks. What to say? ”Salut. Sunt refugiat din Ucraina. Nu vorbesc română.”/ ”Hello. I am an Ukrainian refugee. I do not speak Romanian.”

Apel 112 App

The application allows the automatic transmission of geographic coordinates from the mobile phone of the person who reports an emergency on Romanian territory directly to the 112 Service if it has an active data connection and a phone compatible with the localization function. Available in English and Romanian. What to say? ”Salut. Sunt refugiat din Ucraina. Nu vorbesc română.”/ ”Hello. I am an Ukrainian refugee. I do not speak Romanian.”

+40 021.9590 Romanian Border Police

Calling at 021.9590, the citizens can find out all public information related to the crossing / border area.

Regional Centers for Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Seekers

Rădăuți (next to Chernivtsi Oblast)

Str. Perilor nr.2, Rădăuți, județul Suceava

Tel.: +40 230 56 44 62, +40 230 56 44 63

Fax:  +40 230 56 44 64

Maramureș (next to Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk Oblasts)

Str. Cetății nr.1A, Șomcuta Mare, Județul Maramureș

Tel.: +40 262 28 00 05

Fax:  +40 262 28 00 04


Galați (next to Odessa Oblast)

Str. Săvinești nr.2, Galați, județul Galaţi

Tel.: +40 236 32 38 78

Fax:  +40 236 32 38 84


București (capital city of Romania)

Str. Tudor Gociu, nr. 24A, București, sector 4

Tel.: +40 21 240 87 74

Fax:  +40 21 240 85 10


Timișoara (next to the Romanian-Hungarian border)

Str. Armoniei nr.33, Timișoara, judetul Timiș

Tel.: +40 256 42 12 40

Fax:  +40 256 22 75 00 


Giurgiu (next to the Romanian-Bulgarian border)

Bulevardul 1907, Giurgiu, județul Giurgiu

Tel.: +40 246 21 50 56

Fax:  +40 246 21 50 55


See the guide with common expressions in Romanian, translated into English and Ukrainian.

Click here for the phrase book

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